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I'm back!

2010-06-11 00:15:03 by Monkyord

Finally! It's summertime, time to go back to making more cartoons. During my school year I wrote some stuff for a cartoon. Anyone want to collaborate?


2009-10-18 13:15:06 by Monkyord

It's finally October. I've been in school again since September. Sorry but I'm not going to be making come cartoons for a while due to my 2nd year at high school. Here's a picture.


Random Madness Short

2009-09-21 22:02:26 by Monkyord

My Madness Day toon made it! Go watch it! :3
and happy Madness Day...

My Mario cartoon is up!

2009-09-15 22:59:52 by Monkyord

Let's see i have a cartoon for madness day and clock day. I just need to finish the other madness cartoon I started months ago.

09/08/09: NEWS

2009-09-08 20:44:17 by Monkyord

I have completed my madness short for madness day. Still working on the longer madness cartoon, and the mario cartoon will be done after I complete the other madness cartoon. Wish me luck I also have something for clock day 2010...

07/19/09: UPDATES

2009-07-19 14:19:20 by Monkyord

On my madness cartoon I have reached 2490 of 8549 frames. On the mario cartoon 530 of 1970 frames.

07/12/09: Holy SHIT!

2009-07-12 15:56:32 by Monkyord

Wow it's been over a month since I posted some news so... Yes I'm still working on my madness cartoon, Yes I'm making a Mario cartoon for you guys, I'm working on another cartoon for Capconami's Wtf Collab.

05/29/09: NEWS!

2009-05-30 00:35:11 by Monkyord

I have gone to 2200 frames. I am also planning on working on another cartoon when I get half way through My Madness cartoon.

05/08/09: Madness News.

2009-05-08 12:29:26 by Monkyord

It's Going well I'm at over 1500 of 8549 frames with 35 FPS. The story is a secret you'll know when I finish under 7049 frames to go! Total Run time is going to be 4:07.


2009-04-28 00:29:58 by Monkyord

Working on finding an animator in collaboration. Madness Combat animation coming along great over 1000 frames now of 8549 wish me luck.